BEN's Deck the Malls - Deptford Mall

Every weekday, BEN has 4 chances each day for you to qualify to win $1000 to Deptford Mall.


Listen for the "Cue to Call" weekdays at 8a, 12p, 2p, and 4p. 
If you're the 15th caller at 215-263-2363, you'll be registered to win $1000 to the Deptford Mall.   You'll also get a $50 gift card to the Deptford Mall.

We'll pick the grand prize winner live at Deptford Mall Saturday November 29 between 12pm and 2pm.  The BEN-FM table will be located  Read more...

BEN's Deck The Malls - Christiana Mall 12/1

Every weekday, BEN has 4 chances each day for you to qualify to win $1000 to Christiana Mall.


Listen for the "Cue to Call" weekdays at 8a, 12p, 2p, and 4p. 
If you're the 15th caller at 215-263-2363, you'll be registered to win $1000 to the Christiana Mall.   You'll also get a $50 gift card to the Christiana MallRead more...

BEN's Scream and Win Weekend

Listen between 10a & 6p on Saturday and Sunday for the "Scream" and text ''Zombie" to 95711 to win a 4 pack of passes to Night of Terror, at Creamy Acres Farm in Mullica Hill, NJ. Read more...

80's Hair Cuts

BEN FM does 80’s Hair Cuts every week night at 8p.  Read more...

Red Carpet Gala with BEN-FM

Mile of Meet Activities


Prizes -
We'll have tons of interactive games going on at this year's Mile of Meet.
Take Him For A Spin -
We'll also be doing something called "Take Him For A Spin".  Ladies will have the chance to fill out a form requesting a specific guy in the audience to get on stage and perform a task like: pushups, dance, take their shirt off and pretend to mow the lawn & other fun tasks.

Icebreakers Table - 
We'll have staffers acting as "Icebreakers"stationed at a CLEARLY MARKED table. You can ask them to help you make an introduction to someone you're interested in.  If you're a bit shy or nervous, our staffers are here to help you. If the person you're interested in shares an interest in you, we'll motion you over.  If they don't, you won't get embarrassed or rejected face to face.

Mix and Match -
All ladies will receive a bolt when they show up.  All guys will receive a nut.  Ask a member of the opposite sex if they can test your nut and bolt to see if they match.  If they do, head to the BEN-FM table to get free BEN t-shirts. 

Date My Text - Text a message to that special someone
Our friends at Date My Text will have a large TV screen set up that you'll be able to send messages to.  

For example:  If you're too shy to approach a guy you saw in the 'Mile of Meet' lineup, you could text a message to the screen to let him know you are interested.  If you're not sure if you should approach the beautiful brunette at the bar, you could send a message to the big screen and see if she responds.
Photo Booth - 
After you've broken the ice, grab some props and hop into our photo booth provided by East Coast Events Group. Take a few pictures to commemorate the evening and really have fun with that special someone.
BEN-FM's Mile of Meet is sponsored by: 


Do YOU listen to BEN near Warren Township, NJ?

As a loyal listener to BEN-FM living near Warren Township, New Jersey, we want to tell you about possible interference with your ability to listen to BEN at home. An application for another radio signal (planned for 95.9 FM to be based in Warren Township) is before the Federal Communications Commission for approval. Read more...

Marilyn's March Man-ness

BEN-FM's Marllyn Russell wants to know who BEN-FM listeners think is the hottest guy alive. 

Starting Monday March 18 Marilyn Russell's March Man-ness begins.  

Multiple times each weekday morning, Marilyn will pit two of the hottest male celebrities (picked by BEN-FM listeners) against each other in a bracket style matchup.  

BEN-FM listeners will have the chance to TEXT in & vote for the guy they think is hottest.  The guy that receives the most votes in their respective matchup moves on to the next round.  

By Monday April 8, the field of 32 men will be narrowed down and one man will reign supreme.  

Marilyn's March Man-ness is brought to you by Joseph Anthony Retreat Spa & Salon 
Joseph Anthony Retreat Spa & Salon is a premiere full service salon, day spa and medical spa offering the most unique and beneficial treatments. From our Brine waterfall relaxation room and elegant café bar, to our full service medical center...Put aside some time to relax, renew and rediscover the beauty and peace within you. Read more...

4th Annual Woman Of The Week - Invitation

Please RSVP to Casey Keating by March 22 - or 610-771-0957 

Please RSVP to Casey Keating by March 22 - or 610-771-0957  Read more...

4th Annual Woman of The Week Luncheon

It's BEN-FM's invite only, Woman of the Week Luncheon on Thursday April 4 at Drexelbrook

The room will be filled with hundreds of women - CEOs, movers and shakers in business, arts & culture, the indispensable women from the area's non-profits & superstars of the blogosphere. We also want YOU to attend, for FREE.

How to get invited - 
- Listen to BEN-FM, weekdays at 8a + 3p, to win passes

Time to Vote for the Woman of The Week Awards
The Woman Of The Week Award nominees are up - CAST YOUR VOTE
This year's keynote speakers are
 Actress/Activist Maria Bello
- co-founder of We Advance and We Advance University 

Lisa Oz - Author, radio host & wife of Fox 29's Dr. Oz 
Limo transport for Lisa Oz provided by Park Avenue Limousine.

The 4th Annual Woman of The Week Luncheon is presented by:


Woman Of The Week Luncheon Awards
Many of the luncheon attendees will also be finalists for 1 of 5 awards that will be presented at this year's event.  The winners of these awards will be determined by a combination of online listener voting and BEN-FM staff voting.   CAST YOUR VOTES HERE.


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