Moms Rock! Expo - Oct 5 - Oxford Valley Mall

BEN-FM is turning the Oxford Valley Mall over to the Moms on Saturday 10/5 from 12p-3pm

Moms, BEN's Moms Rock! Expo is a day full of deals and activities just for YOU.
Enjoy shopping deals, beauty tips, free samples and plenty of pampering and relaxing and plenty of BEN prizes. Be one of the first 500 adults present at the Expo and receive a free gift! Read more...

95.7 BEN FM's 90's Weekend

Green Day

BEN's One Hit Wonders Weekend

This weekend, it's a BEN ONE HIT WONDERS Weekend.

Listen all weekend as we feature songs from artists who had 1 big hit.....
and then were never heard from again.  
It's all part of the Summer of Ben


“Win Ben’s Ride” is back… for the Summer of BEN! Read more...

80's Hair Cuts

BEN FM does 80’s Hair Cuts every week night at 8p.  Read more...

2014 Summer BENder FAQs

Answers to your FAQs for BEN-FM's 2914 Summer BENder at PPL Park on Friday, July 11th. Read more...

Red Carpet Gala with BEN-FM

BEN's Workday Bonus

It’s the BEN's Work Day Bonus… and it’s Easy Money. Read more...

Mile of Meet Activities


Prizes -
We'll have tons of interactive games going on at this year's Mile of Meet.
Take Him For A Spin -
We'll also be doing something called "Take Him For A Spin".  Ladies will have the chance to fill out a form requesting a specific guy in the audience to get on stage and perform a task like: pushups, dance, take their shirt off and pretend to mow the lawn & other fun tasks.

Icebreakers Table - 
We'll have staffers acting as "Icebreakers"stationed at a CLEARLY MARKED table. You can ask them to help you make an introduction to someone you're interested in.  If you're a bit shy or nervous, our staffers are here to help you. If the person you're interested in shares an interest in you, we'll motion you over.  If they don't, you won't get embarrassed or rejected face to face.

Mix and Match -
All ladies will receive a bolt when they show up.  All guys will receive a nut.  Ask a member of the opposite sex if they can test your nut and bolt to see if they match.  If they do, head to the BEN-FM table to get free BEN t-shirts. 

Date My Text - Text a message to that special someone
Our friends at Date My Text will have a large TV screen set up that you'll be able to send messages to.  

For example:  If you're too shy to approach a guy you saw in the 'Mile of Meet' lineup, you could text a message to the screen to let him know you are interested.  If you're not sure if you should approach the beautiful brunette at the bar, you could send a message to the big screen and see if she responds.
Photo Booth - 
After you've broken the ice, grab some props and hop into our photo booth provided by East Coast Events Group. Take a few pictures to commemorate the evening and really have fun with that special someone.
BEN-FM's Mile of Meet is sponsored by: 

BEN-efits Club

Take advantage of all of the BEN-efits our club has to offer including ticket pre-sales, access to great prizes, and much more.Below is ust a few things you can win!

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