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Exclusive Audio: “Idol” Winner Caleb Johnson on Recording "Testify"

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Caleb Johnson has been the "American Idol" champ for all of three months, but he already has his album out -- much quicker than any of his predecessors.

"Testify" hits stores today, preceded by the singles "As Long As You Love Me" and "Only One."

Johnson tells us that the album was made in short order after he won the "Idol" competition in May:

"We actually did the whole record in three weeks. You know, I wrote, I co-wrote on most of the songs and we...wrote most of the songs in a week and then we recorded it the next week... It was really, it was a blast. I'm so proud of the music that's gonna be on the record, and I can't wait for people to hear it 'cause it really is very powerful, convicted. I've been saying this to everybody; it’s really got this convicted, soulful, visceral, raw, y'know, over the top theatrical sound to it." 

"Testify" was produced by Howard Benson -- who also worked with "Idol" runner-up Chris Daughtry -- and features an appearance by the Dap-Tones horn section on one song.

Johnson is currently on the road with the American Idols Live! tour, which wraps up August 23 in Redmond, Wash.

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