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Fabolous: “Loso’s Way 2” to Feature Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown

Fabolous first announced “Loso’s Way 2: Rise to Power” more than a year ago, but he’ll release it when he feels like it.

The rapper told MTV News that he and Breezy would be collaborating on another track, aside from the already-released “Ready.”

“‘Ready’ was kind of a buildup single to where we were going but I don’t think we were exactly ready – no pun intended,” he told MTV. “Me and Chris are friends and work together well, [and] when I got this record I felt it was something that leaned in his direction. So I played it for him, he liked it and did it right there on the spot.”

That’s something of a rarity, in an age where many collaborators can duet from opposite coasts. Fab also told MTV that he’s recently reached out to Minaj about another duet, and they’ve “got something in the works too.”

Fabolous has taken his time prepping the sequel to “Loso’s Way,” which debuted five years ago this month.

Which guest track are you more excited for: Nicki’s or Chris’s? Tell us in the comments!

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