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Fresh Trailer: Disney Locates the “Big Hero 6”

Disney has found its next big hero… or 6.

The first official trailer for “Big Hero 6”dropped today, just one day after the company confirmed the voice cast for the animated project.

The trailer mostly focuses on Hiro Hamada (Ryan Potter) explaining the crisis he’s facing to a hapless police officer.

“All right. Let me get this straight. A man in a kabuki mask attacked you with an army of miniature flying robots?” the officer inquires.

While the cop might not have believed Hiro about the creepy villain or the microbots, believe us, they’re real.

Luckily, he’ll get some help from his friends in their city of San Fransokyo and his robot, Baymax (“30 Rock” actor Scott Adsit), in order to solve the mystery.

The voice cast includes Maya Rudolph, James Cromwell, Damon Wayans Jr., T.J. Miller, Alan Tudyk and Jamie Chung.

“Big Hero 6” opens in 3D on November 7? Leave your thoughts on the trailer in the comments!

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