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Lifetime's “Born in the Wild” is About WHAT?!?

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Reality TV has admittedly gotten much wilder since the debut on “The Real World” all those years ago.

From hoarding to “Bridalplasty” and everything in between, we’d thought we’d seen it all – until now.

Lifetime greenlit eight episodes of a show this week titled “Born in the Wild,” which will document “the journeys of young expectant parents who have chosen to give birth ‘in the wild.’”

If that sounds dangerous, well, you’re not alone. But Lifetime’s Eli Lehrer tells “Entertainment Weekly” that the show is actually helping these women, who had negative hospital birthing experiences in the past, because they were going to do this anyway.

“Our presence at these births is going to make them far safer than if they were doing in on their own,” he told “EW.”

Beyond that, they will be within a certain distance from a hospital and have a medical professional on site, but not everyone is convinced this is a good idea.

What do you think of “Born in the Wild”? Share your take in the comments!

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