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Katy Perry Gets into Character for INSANE “Birthday” Video

Katy Perry is shedding new light on her “prismatic” personality with her latest video.

Before her “Birthday” music video debuts, she introduced her “INSANE friends,” all characters played by the singer herself.

 There’s an aging party girl named Goldie the Dancer, Yosef the MC, Kriss the Clown, Ace the Animal Trainer and Princess Mandee.

Yosef, a Jewish party entertainer, in particular might cause a stir, as the pop star has already been accused of cultural appropriation on more than one occasion with her latest album, “Prism.”

Perry donned geisha garb for an American Music Awards performance of “Unconditionally” and sported ancient Egyptian costume for “Dark Horse.”

The latter video was also digitally altered to remove a visual reference to Allah after an online petition.

The “Birthday” video will hit the web this Thursday. What do you think of Katy Perry’s new characters? Check out the video and weigh in below!

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