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Fresh Trailer: Angelina Jolie Is “Maleficent”

While the people behind most cinematic reboots try to distance themselves from the original, Disney has no problem comparing “Maleficent” to the source material.

A new trailer (via Vulture) for the Angelina Jolie-starring film debuted, juxtaposing the new story with Disney’s iconic 1959 “Sleeping Beauty.”

“Maleficent” appears to stay true to the animated classic, while still shedding new light on Jolie’s deliciously evil title character.

The new 90-second preview also shows more of Aurora’s (Elle Fanning) backstory, before she and Maleficent meet in the woods that fateful night.

While it could still be lumped into a category with “Snow White & the Huntsman,” the film is also notable for seemingly downplaying the love story between the Princess and Prince Phillip.

Of course, the sorceress, touted in the trailer as “Disney’s greatest villain,” still shows up to disrupt the ceremony honoring Aurora’s birth, where she bestows her own a gift upon the child.

“Maleficent” is expected to hit theaters on May 30.Take a look at the trailer for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments!

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