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Social Media Round-Up

See What Celebrities Are Posting

Celebrities have been busy this week sharing on social media and ringing in the New Year.

We’ve captured a few to help you welcome in 2014 with a smile.

Mariah Carey
This glamour and talent Mom knows it’s important to celebrate with the ones you love.


Miley Cyrus
So that's where she learned that move.  It's making much more sense now.


Lady Gaga
Talk about starting 2014 off in style.

Ellen DeGeneres
So true Ellen.  Come on you know you've felt the exact same way. 


Looks like P!NK has found the real truth about love.  What a great family photo!


Jim Gaffigan
One of the funniest men/Dad's on Twitter nails it with this New Year's resolution.


Raise your hand if you got a new tattoo to ring in 2014.  OK ke$ can put your hand down now


Mindy Kaling
You wear a cape...a cape doesn't wear you.  Remember that as you proceed through 2014.


Katie Holmes
Well said Ms. Holmes.  We couldn't agree more.


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