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Doctors Urge Amanda Bynes Not to Attend Fashion School – Report

While it’s a good sign that Amanda Bynes was released from the rehab center she had been staying before the holidays roll around, a new report suggests the embattled star is making her steps too quickly.

Upon her release, her lawyer said in a statement that Amanda is “looking at various colleges with the intention of majoring in fashion design.”

TMZ reports that she has already enrolled in two classes at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Orange County.

However, according to Radar Online, Amanda’s psychiatrists urged her not to take on the extra stress so soon after leaving the facility.

“Amanda was told by her doctors that going to fashion design school, so soon after being released from The Canyons… [is] an absolutely terrible idea for [her] to do at this time – it’s almost setting her up for failure,” a source told Radar. “There will be pressure on Amanda as far as school work, deadlines, and it’s unlikely she will be able to succeed.”

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