Lamar Odom Not Facing Charges in Paparazzi Scuffle – Report

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’s husband, Lamar Odom, will not face charges in the wake of his incident with a paparazzo back in July.

E! News reports that despite the scuffle, the city of Los Angeles will not press criminal charges after Odom attended a second informal hearing on the subject.

This time around, the NBA star was allegedly “admonished” for his alleged actions, and he may be required to attend anger management classes, though those details have been kept private.

In the alleged incident, Odom is accused of damaging the photographer’s camera equipment and car with a metal pole after “being accused of cheating on his wife.”

Though he is in the clear in this instance, his run-in with the law is not over. Along with a potential civil suit with the paparazzo in question, Stefan Saad, Odom is still facing DUI charges from his August 30 arrest.

Odom pleaded not guilty at a hearing last month, with a pretrial hearing set for the morning of Friday, November 8, according to CNN.