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Exclusive Audio: Phillip Phillips on His #1 Hit "Gone, Gone, Gone" Success, "American Idol"

Phillip Phillips
has another No. 1 single on his hand.

"Gone, Gone, Gone," the second single from the 2012 "American Idol" champ's "The World From the Side of the Moon" album, has followed its predecessor "Home" to the Top of the Billboard Adult Contemporary charts; it's also been certified platinum for sales of more than a million copies.

Phillips tells us that he's relieved by "Gone, Gone, Gone's" success, which he hopes proves that he's no one-hit wonder:

"Yeah, definitely, man, I was nervous about that. 'Home' had done so much and it was such a big song. But whatever would happen was just gonna happen; I couldn't really make decisions for people if they were gonna like the song or not, you know. I had to let the song do its own thing, and it's done very well which I'm thankful for everybody liking it."

"Gone, Gone, Gone" was used as the exit song for "Idol's" latest season, which Phillips says he found a bit odd:

"Yeah, it was kind of weird, but whenever you can get a song out there, it's cool."

Phillips kicks off a new U.S. tour on November 7 in York, Pa., before starting a fresh round of dates opening for John Mayer on November 19 in Moline, Ill.

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