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“Glee” Scoop: Hear Lea Michele's Tribute Song to Cory Monteith

As the Cory Monteith tribute episode of “Glee” creeps closer, the show’s candid creator, Ryan Murphy, revealed more details about the behind-the-scenes goings-on for the episode.

Namely, he told Australia’s “TV Week” that the show’s star, Lea Michele, chose her own song, Bob Dylan’s “To Make You Feel My Love,” to sing in honor of her Monteith, who she was in a long-term relationship with at the time of his death.

“[Lea] does have a song. It was a very personal one for her and Cory,” he shared. “She’s ultimately the person who approved and chose that song. She wanted to sing something personal. I don’t think she’ll ever share why she chose that song. It was very sad. Everyone was wrecked. It was really hard.”

Murphy added that Michele’s character, Rachel Berry, will struggle with Finn Hudson’s (Monteith) death for the rest of the season, saying, “It’s not just done, buried and goodbye.”

“Glee” airs Thursday at 9pm on FOX, after which it will take a hiatus during the MLB playoffs and return in November.

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