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First Look: “Glee” Says Goodbye to Cory Monteith

In just two weeks time, “Glee” will honor the late Cory Monteith with an episode dedicated to the late star and his character, Finn Hudson.

Though much has been made of what goes down in the October 10 episode, creator Ryan Murphy revealed the first visual proof of what is to come.

In a new Twitter post, Murphy teased:

The banner still comes in the traditional style, but instead of the vibrant colors usually gracing the “Glee Ads,” the simple black-and-white artwork shows a photo of Monteith with the caption, “The hardest word to say is ‘goodbye.’”

“Glee” returns next Thursday with another Beatles tribute before the homage to Finn & Cory on October 10 at 9pm on FOX. For more teasers on the upcoming season, follow Ryan Murphy on Twitter @MrRPMurphy.

What do you think? Is the poster a fitting tribute to Cory Monteith? What songs should the cast sing in his honor? Let us know!

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