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John Legend & Chrissy Teigen’s Wedding: The “Day is Set”

Living in the age of the paparazzi, engaged celebs have started to get a bit cryptic when it comes to having their big day spoiled.

While Chrissy Teigen did not reveal the date of her impending wedding to John Legend, the model and her fiance confirmed that to E! News that the “day is set.”

“We have everything. We’re starting to get jitters,” Chrissy said. “It’s happening.”

The wedding could be happening quite soon, with the stars reportedly planning a September wedding at Lake Como.

The singer also confirmed to E! last month that he was planning to play a tune or two for his new bride after their nuptials.

“Yes!...I will sing for her at the wedding,” he explained. “You heard one that I dedicated to her tonight that I wrote for her, the song is called ‘All of Me.’ It’s for Chrissy with that smart mouth of hers and her curves and edges.”

Chrissy and John began dating in 2007 before her popped the question over the holidays two years ago. 

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