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Judge Extends Psych Hold for Amanda Bynes -- Report

Amanda Bynes
’s doctors have prevailed in court today after arguing that the troubled starlet was not prepared to leave the psychiatric facility she had been staying in.

TMZ reports that the hold has been extended by 30 days after a judge visited the hospital and spoke with Amanda’s doctors.

The law, according to TMZ, states that an order can like this can only be approved if the patient is “gravely disabled as a result of a mental disorder.”

Furthermore, the judge has reportedlyGran granted her parents’ appeal for conservatorship, giving them control over their daughter’s finances and medical decisions through the end of September of this year.

Amanda was originally taken into police custody on a 72-hour 5150 hold, which was extended for an initial two-week period to give her doctors the opportunity to determine a possible diagnosis for a mental disorder.

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