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Prince Harry Talks “Pressure” to Produce an Heir

Prince Harry
is thanking his lucky stars that his older brother William and his wife, Kate Middleton, just welcomed a royal baby into the world.

According to Harry, that means he no longer has to worry quite so much about settling down himself, “People” reports. When talking about his dad, Prince Charles, he said, “My father is over the moon to be a grandfather.”

When asked if he was feeling pressured to give his father another grandchild, he added, “No, he’s got one now, [so] it will be fine. The pressure’s off now.”

Since the royal baby was born, Harry has frequently talked about being a new uncle, joking about his babysitting rates and how the last time he saw him, the little guy was “crying his eyes out like all babies do, I suppose.”

Would the rambunctious prince make a good daddy? Leave your thoughts on the possibility of another royal baby in the comments below!

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