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    Morning Show Host for 95.7 Ben FM every weekday from 5am - 9am.

    10 Things to know about Marilyn

    1. I’m Addicted to Social Media - @MarilynRussell, or find me on Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram/Google and BlogSpot and Word Press
    2. I have seen the movie “Gladiator” like 150 times! Also love “GroundHog Day,” “Silver Linings Playbook” “Catching Fire,” “Star Wars,” “Lord of the Rings,” “Swingers,” “Wedding Crashers,” and anything with Paul Rudd
    3. Favorite interview – Bradley Cooper for “Silver Linings Playbook.” Not just because he's so good-looking, but also smart, funny and local!
    4. I’m a Native Philadelphian, so I always have that “Rocky” spirit...yo, we never give up!
    5. My radio career spans 2-decades now and I wouldn't trade it for the world! I love what I do and love doing it my home town!
    6. Favorite Philly Sports Teams – Flyers and Phillies
    7. Philly Favorites Overall – Living in Manayunk – great architecture, fun bars and amazing bike path. Love D'Allesandro's and Caputo's too!
    8. I’m a music lover of course! Best Live Show EVER Clash at the Armory in the early 80's... also Nirvana at the same venue mid-90's
    9. Favorite Hobby… Dinning Out!... I’m not much of a cook…
    10. Motherhood – The Best Thing I've Ever Done! Teaches you the true meaning of love.

Nick Stuccio - Philly Fringe Festival

Happening Now Folks...and our very own Marilyn Russell spoke to one of the Founders/Creators of Philadelphia Fringe, now in it's 17th year here (Originated in Edinburgh Scotland). Want all the history and and listen here. Read more...

Ben's Work Day Bonus qualifies YOU to head to Jamaica!

You may already know that if you're caller 15 at 11:20 a.m. or 3:20 p.m. you'll win $500.00! And hey, that's awesome...but some lucky listeners gets the cash and a fab trip to we wanted you to meet your hotelier-he's practically your personal concierge, and a very cool, chill guy. Mid-day host Kristen Hermann knows first-hand how fab your resort is...and she and Scott share some details here.You can almost smell the jerk chicken and have you SEEN the pool, which overlooks the beach - AMAZE. Tune in to learn more and tune in to win-good luck ~ Marilyn Read more...

Joe Orff, Orff's Sport Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

Somebody is going to WIN BEN's Ride...and even if you didn't get qualified, you are still invited to the celebration. Read more...

"YOU: The Owner's Manual" - Updated with Dr. Oz

10 years later the new and improved/updated version of 'YOU" is in stores tomorrow and it's in paperback form. Read more...

Willow Shields - Primrose Everdeen in "Catching Fire"

Adorable young actress who shares details on working with Jennifer Lawrence and the making of "Catching Fire" the number one movie in the world right now! Read more...

Time for some Wings - Brett Manney Stopped by with Deets

and how you can get a little discount on your ticket purchase for the upcoming Philadelphia Wings Season.  They've created a special code for Ben FM listeners...if you're buying tix, you gotta know the code:  WINGBEN - listen to Brett here and visit for more info.  Support em - they're really good guys.  Home Opener is Sunday, January 12th Read more...

One of Our Pennsylvania Contestants from "The Voice" - James P Wolpert

Battled and won!  Now how will he do in the Knockout Round?  We are hoping he'll get thru to the live show...go James! Read more...

Juhi Pathak from Team Adam - "The Voice"

From Battle rounds to Knock-Out Rounds...whose gonna make Juhi's spirit! Read more...

Halloween for Kids - with @frugalphillymom-Linda Vertlieb

There's so much to do this weekend with the kids for Halloween, we have our expert Linda Vertlieb aka FrugalPhillylMom break it down for us...she and her kids are ready to go!  She's scoured the internet to find the right activities at the right price (mostly FREE) for Halloween this weekend and on 10/31 Read more...

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