Author Rich DeSisto

  • Rich DeSisto

    Assistant Program Director / On-Air Staff

    10 Things to know about Rich

    1. Hello my name is Rich (“Hi Rich”). I’ve been a radio guy for 26 years
    2. I love music…the 80’s, Grunge, Hairbands! (when I grow up I want to be a musician, until then I play air guitar)
    3. My favorite Philly sports team is the FLYERS! (Let’s get CUP CRAZY!)
    4. Everything I do is left handed except for swinging a bat or golf club. (Pay no attention to the ink stains on the outside of my left hand)
    5. I’m on the “juice” everyday! (fruit/veggie juice)
    6. If I’m not hiking, I’m on the beach, both with my camera. (Yes a real camera, not my smartphone)
    7. I LOVE Italian food. If I can’t have Mom’s meatballs, I’ll settle for a good pizza. (Tomato pie will also work)
    8. Most people who have a treadmill use it as a clothes rack and go to the gym. I kinda do the opposite. (They have not seen me at the gym in months but keep getting my check)
    9. Vodka, Belgian ales and wine.? Sure! (But remember: Beer before liquor, never sicker, liquor before beer, never fear)
    10. I love the smell of burnt wood, not the smell of gas. (What’s in your fireplace!)

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