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  • Rich DeSisto

    Assistant Program Director / On-Air Staff

    10 Things to know about Rich

    1. Hello my name is Rich (“Hi Rich”). I’ve been a radio guy for 26 years
    2. I love music…the 80’s, Grunge, Hairbands! (when I grow up I want to be a musician, until then I play air guitar)
    3. My favorite Philly sports team is the FLYERS! (Let’s get CUP CRAZY!)
    4. Everything I do is left handed except for swinging a bat or golf club. (Pay no attention to the ink stains on the outside of my left hand)
    5. I’m on the “juice” everyday! (fruit/veggie juice)
    6. If I’m not hiking, I’m on the beach, both with my camera. (Yes a real camera, not my smartphone)
    7. I LOVE Italian food. If I can’t have Mom’s meatballs, I’ll settle for a good pizza. (Tomato pie will also work)
    8. Most people who have a treadmill use it as a clothes rack and go to the gym. I kinda do the opposite. (They have not seen me at the gym in months but keep getting my check)
    9. Vodka, Belgian ales and wine.? Sure! (But remember: Beer before liquor, never sicker, liquor before beer, never fear)
    10. I love the smell of burnt wood, not the smell of gas. (What’s in your fireplace!)

BEN FM’s Rich DeSisto talks to Rick Forman, founder and CEO of FORMAN MILLS

 BEN FM’s Rich DeSisto talks to Rick Forman, founder and CEO of FORMAN MILLS about his appearance on UNDERCOVER BOSS. UNDERCOVER BOSS airs this SUNDAY at 8pm on CBS. Read more...

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