Author Donnie Black

  • Donnie Black

    95.7 BEN-FM Morning Show Producer

    Donnie's the producer of the Morning Show with Marilyn Russell from 6am-9am.

    10 Things to know about Donnie

    1. I have lived in Jersey my whole life, and there's no place on earth better than the Jersey shore.
    2. My favorite kind of music are 80's, Electronic, and Hip Hop.
    3. I'm a white boy who knows how to dance (I think I'm Usher on the dancefloor)
    4. My favorite artists of all time are: Frank Sinatra (C'mon he's a Jersey boy), and Eminem.
    5. I can admit my man crush is Leonardo DiCaprio. I mean we DO look identical! Haha
    6. I am half Italian and Half Irish. There is nothing better than my mom's or my grandma's Italian cooking!! I would bet on it!!
    7. When I'm not at the radio station: you can find me in the gym, in my bed, or at a bar.
    8. When I was 8, I used to pretend I was a radio dJ and record demo radio shows on my tape player. I still have them to this day. DJ DBLACK on the 1's and 2's(That was my catchphrase!!)
    9. Eagles, Flyers, Sixers, Phillies, and North Carolina College Basketball. Enough said!
    10. I know all the 50 states and capitals in the US by heart. I'm like Rain Man when it comes to that!! Quiz me, I dare you!!

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